Created in NZ in 2005, Thin Lizzy makeup was developed with a simple mission:

"Create and make accessible high quality 'best of the best' products that can be used by anyone, at any age, on any income - because everybody should have the opportunity to look good and feel glamorous."

Our Auckland based makeup chemist and a team of specialists have spent years perfecting the Thin Lizzy range, trialing, testing and analyzing each product in order to create the phenomenon that is Thin Lizzy today.

Since launching, the range has expanded from the versatile 6-in-1 compact to include, mineral foundations, concealer crèmes, eye pencils, lip gloss and bronzer.

Now a favourite with professional makeup artists Thin Lizzy is used on sets internationally.

Thin Lizzy is proud to be the makeup of choice within the prestigious Auckland and Christchurch based makeup schools, The Makeup School.

We continue to develop new exciting makeup products, so watch this space for our next creation!

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