Brand Developers is an OMNI CHANNEL BUSINESS

Brand Developers is a marketing company with a proprietary sales system that gives us deeper reach and greater operating flexibility than a bricks and mortar retailer. Using a combination of direct and indirect marketing across our direct response TV (DRTV), digital, live events, retail and international divisions, we are able to reach a broad range of customers.

What is direct response marketing?

Direct response marketing elicits an immediate response from customers. Driven by advertising that delivers product offers directly to consumers – via television, radio, digital (video, search, display websites, email) and other mediums – it invites consumers to respond immediately. The beauty of direct response marketing is that it can be tracked and measured very accurately. We know exactly which product offers generate the best response and how many sales were made as a result. That’s marketing gold dust.

Key facts

  • No. 1 DRTV marketer in Australia and New Zealand
  • Over NZ$200m in revenue per annum
  • 3000 sales calls received per day
  • Approximately 50% of sales calls converted into sales
  • Over 400 employees
  • Broadcast over 5000 advertisements per week
  • Call centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • More than 500,000 customers every year

The power of the direct response marketing: As the number one direct response marketer in Australia and New Zealand, we know television marketing works. Every year we use our media purchasing power and specialist television knowledge to sell products to more than 500,000 unique consumers. We run commercials on all major free-to-air broadcasters in Australia and New Zealand (including six dedicated 24/7 shopping channels).

We are technology driven: We have developed our own proprietary selling system with proprietary software that gives us real time visibility into the effectiveness of our media investments from a wide range of perspectives. This allows us to optimise product offers and advertising to satisfy consumer demand in the most effective way.

A selling system that adapts to meet demand: Our selling system enables new products to be successfully launched across a wide variety of categories. Using real time data analytics we can introduce, test and refine new products and offers, monitor consumer enquiry activity and track sales conversion with a high degree of accuracy.

Testing efficacy in real time: Our sophisticated product evaluation process ensures only quality products proceed through testing to market launch. We have developed proven techniques to maximise sales leads and conversions. This lets us test, measure and tailor our offers in real time, based on the response to our high impact, high frequency advertising.

Complete brand management capability: We are a one-stop shop – a vertically integrated company that undertakes product sourcing and development, media production, marketing, and call centre and customer management activities. Keeping it all under our own control gives us a high degree of agility. 

  • We source products externally and have a dedicated R&D team that specialises in developing new products and enhancing existing ones.
  • Our in-house media production facility allows us to produce high quality, low cost advertisements in short timeframes.
  • Our dedicated 24x7 call centre operators provide support throughout the sale process as well as comprehensive after sales service.                          

Our plan for growth: We are always looking to improve the way we run our business. Currently, we are undertaking a series of growth initiatives. These include:

  • Expanding categories and price tiers: Move into new categories which have not been leveraged on DRTV in Australia and New Zealand; and move into both high and low product price tiers, while continuing to remain active in the mid tier.
  • Optimising DRTV performance: Improve advertising creative content and capacity; improve call centre performance; improve media efficiency; and develop new outbound marketing strategy.
  • Expanding distribution channels: Grow retail distribution by adding additional retail chains; grow digital footprint; and grow international opportunities.
  • Reducing cost structures: Consolidate warehousing and renegotiate logistics and transport contracts; and improve systems and processes to drive efficiency.
Using our proprietary selling system we rapidly build brand awareness, disrupt existing markets and launch new product categories.
Brand Developers operates a vertically integrated business model
Brand Developers operates a vertically integrated business model